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Viral Video Case Study

Why climb the career ladder when you can fly! - 'Corporate Chamcha' Goes Viral in a Big Way…

Campaign: 'Corporate Chamcha' Video Campaign

Client : Red Bull India Pvt. Ltd      Duration: 2 week

Summary: Energy drink Red Bull has launched a campaign to appeal to the ambitious streak of people who want to climb the corporate ladder through performance. It poses Red Bull as a drink that helps them to reach this goal, as the active ingredients in it enable one to give peak performance and thus rise to the top. The essence of the entire campaign is captured in the line: 'Why climb the career ladder when you can fly!’

The campaign, which has a strong focus on the digital medium, is a tongue-in-cheek take on the Indian corporate culture, where a corporate 'chamcha' is ready to do anything to climb the career ladder. As part of the campaign, Red Bull has launched a viral video on YouTube. Titled 'Corporate Chamcha', the film shows how ridiculous it is to be a 'chamcha' and presents an alternate way to reach the top.

The insight of the idea is that drinking Red Bull keeps one sharp and enhances performance, so one need not be a 'chamcha' to be professionally successful.

Video Details:

  • Shit Corporate Chamchas Say At Work

Video Seeding & Outreach

Client approached The Brand Saloon – a premier Online Marketing Company and Video Seeding Specialist and handed over the job to make the video popular. The challenge here for TBS was client’s huge expectations.

TBS methodology consisted of three main phases:

  • TBS researched and targeted media in the following verticals:

  • IT, FMCG, Durable Goods, Retailers, Automobiles, Urban Lifestyle, Humor/General Entertainment, News Outlets and Bollywood. TBS reached out to almost every community and group available on internet to begin momentum around the campaign.

  • Creative messaging specific to each niche.

  • Video gained momentum in just couple of days; it spread like anything on internet. TBS kept pushing it through creative, compelling messaging on top-tier sites, blogs, forums, and online social networks.

Result : "The target which looked most unrealistic was achieved easily and the Video received 2.9 Million hits in just 12 days."

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