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Jayesh Khandor Ceo -  The Brand Saloon

Jayesh Khandor


The guiding pillar of our foundation.
And with a strong belief in digital innovations.
Jayesh leads the pack with plenty of determination.
A cup of tea in his hand and a slight smile on his face,
He leads TBS nonchalantly with utter grace.

Josh Clark

Hitesh Khandor


A digital marketing fanatic and a born leader,
He is a craftsman of his field and technology seeker.
Hitesh shows us the right way to get out of any cluster,
Playing cricket is his actual stress buster.


Siddhi Patil

Web Designer

The quietest one in the room,
Siddhi works relentlessly till the day�s doom.
From web developing to designing, she does it all,
Coding has been her weapon at disposal.


Akshay Jain

Digital Marketing Manager

A jolly foodie and a selfless professor,
Akshay, to all, is a valuable mentor.
A master of campaigns and generating leads,
With a hearty smile, he fulfills clients' needs.


Sana Sambe

Content Writer

Slime and cats are what she likes, but not together.
Sana is good at math, yet passionate to be a writer.
Being diet-conscious, she gulps down raw veggies.
Burgers and fried Oreos are her forbidden fantasies.



Client Servicing

An appealing soul just like her name,
she might seem like she�s bored,
Because she has to serve clients all day,
but on her mind is horror and lore.
She likes to groove to Bangtan Boys
when she want to fixates on her chores,
It�s hard to fathom her skills as a marketer
and the praise that she can score.


Varun Shetty

Business Development

He has to throw the web
and clients he has to capture,
Given the chance he would dance
and sing till rapture.
He will tickle you with laughter
if your face is curved with frowns,
Some days customers are a challenge to him
but he�s vowed to never back down.

shivani Singh

Shivani Singh


The first person in sight and keeps the office in check,
Shivani is the HR and sailor to our deck.
From review meetings to Fun Fridays,
She keeps the workplace lively in different ways.

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