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Affiliate Marketing Services in Mumbai, India
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Affiliate Marketing Service provided by The Brand Saloon

Did you know TBS has a proven, award-winning Affiliate marketing service?

Did you know TBS has a proven, award-winning Affiliate marketing service? And did we tell you that our clients only pay for the service if we meet the campaign objectives? And of course, at TBS we focus on the big picture, keeping your Affiliates campaign in synergy with your other Digital marketing activities.

What is affiliate marketing?
Affiliate marketing widens the scope of your internet presence by encouraging other websites to become advocates for your services, increasing your online exposure and improving the efficiency of your advertising spend. Affiliate marketing is based purely on results, so it’s the only online channel that doesn’t have to come out of your marketing budget. Why? Because you pay on a per-sale / per-lead basis - no acquisition, no cost! Is affiliate marketing right for me?
It's natural to focus your online marketing efforts on your own website and position all your marketing material to provide calls to action to that site

However, there are other opportunities to promote your site through other online channels via affiliate marketing. Making your online presence accessible through the affiliate channel can be done using a variety of methods including simply creating banners that affiliates can include on their own websites, or creating email templates that affiliates can send to their database of users, or developing specific voucher codes for affiliates to use to name a few methods. It is a proven, effective way to increase your traffic.

Affiliate marketing is a solid and very effective web marketing tool. The strength of this type of marketing lies in the indirect nature of the websites through which partnerships are formed. The affiliate builds traffic by carefully addressing the individual interests of each user and tailoring their content to potential customers' needs and expectations, before delivering a call to action through to your site.

Because the visitors that come to your site are already pre-disposed to your offering, they are more likely to purchase. Thanks to affiliate marketing the visitor that lands on your site is already pre-qualified.

Contacts generated via affiliate marketing are often all the more valuable because they derive from domains which your company would have difficulty reaching through traditional advertising channels.

Why TBS?
An affiliate marketing initiative is only ever as good as your chosen partner sites. Thematically related web portals may be effective affiliate marketing partners for some, special interest niche sites for others. We use our unrivalled experience and contacts to find the best partnerships that meet your particular needs.

We are constantly increasing the number of affiliate partners that commit themselves to working with us, giving you more opportunity than ever to operate first class affiliate campaigns. TBS also operates as an affiliate ensuring that we're always at the forefront of affiliate activity.

A one-stop shop, not one-size-fits-all
The Brand Saloon’s can be your one stop shop for everything you need for your affiliate campaign, from conceptual design right through to execution. Our professional and qualified team produce excellent creative and innovative design. And we have a proven history of working seamlessly with existing creative teams.

Affiliate marketing is an efficient, cost-effective web marketing tool - let our affiliates speak for you!

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Digital Marketing Services in Mumbai with The Brand Saloon

Digital marketing in Mumbai, has options galore but finding the best can be a problem. We here at The Brand Saloon, provides integrated digital marketing solutions. TBS provides the best SEM, SMM, Content Writing & SEO services in mumbai. We also offer the added services such as affiliate marketing, video marketing , online PR, media planning and mobile marketing.

Specialized SEO, SMM, Content Writing Services in Mumbai with The Brand Saloon

The Brand Saloon provides SEO services that have been result oriented and gives your brand the rankings and traffic. While our content writing services, social media marketing and Search Engine Marketing have made clients in Mumbai and around the globe delighted!
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